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We are an SEO Northern Ireland company that provides SEO campaigns at a highly professional level to companies mainly across Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland and mainland UK. We are based in Newry and are the premiere SEO Newry company and the industry leading SEO marketing Newry company.

We also enjoy providing internet marketing services to companies in London and wider UK. The high costs of office space and other associated costs allows us to charge less than the average SEO agency London or than the average freelance SEO London.

We are based in Newry, Northern Ireland and pride ourselves on being an industry leading online marketing and SEO company. We are SEO crazy and we love being focused on data. We test our techniques, therefore we know what works. We are not just listening to what people in the industry are saying and deciding to copy those techniques on our client’s websites and provide a monthly report. We consider that to be lazy, unethical and unprofessional, so do something else, provide great results.

We value our professional attitude to our work and so do our clients. We must provide significant return on investment for our clients or else there is no point in what we do. Therefore we do everything we can to help our clients websites do well.And that’s why we provide the best SEO packages UK available and why we offer a free seo analysis report pdf to any business that wants one.

So if you require an seo agency Belfast or just a company that’s really good at Belfast SEO then contact us today.

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To perform SEO effectively it’s important that an SEO consultant needs to understand the principles of on-page and off-page factors, but we must also understand users, what they want and how they think, and also how the Internet works. This understanding gives us a firm grounding into how online marketing works and how users interact with the web when finding information and making purchases.

Understanding how businesses actually work in the real world is an asset that is under-valued in marketing and SEO agencies, but we put it at the center of our ethos and our SEO campaigns. We believe at our core that we must deliver return on investment or else we are not doing our jobs properly. Doing things in a professional manner and delivering professional communication to our clients is how we demonstrate our attitude and abilities to instill confidence in our clients. One of the ways we do this is by performing a full SEO audit of your website’s backlinks and form a link building strategy that will give you the best link profile possible.

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Why is a free SEO trial necessary? The answer may be obvious, but let’s start at the beginning. When you build a website, how are people going to find it? The sad truth is that you can have the best website on the planet, but if people cannot find it, it’ll be a very lonely place. This brings us to the importance of search engines.

We offer a one month free trial so that our clients can understand our value and professionalism. We do not have long term contacts that lock clients into paying for a service they no longer want. Contact us today to find out how we can help..

Fact: Search engines are the number one way people find websites. The good news is that it is easy to get your pages into the search engines. The bad news is that it is difficult to get your pages to rank high enough to be visible in the search engines..

Data from May 2018, published by Smart Insights on their website, showed that the page which ranks on page one in position one of the SERPs typically gets around 30% of all clicks on that page. The web page ranked in position two gets 14%. The page in position three gets 10%. In positions 9 to 10, the clickthrough rate is as low as 2%..

From this information, you can see that it is important to not only rank in Google but to rank as high as possible. Even one or two places can mean big changes in potential search engine traffic. It’s important to point out that these figures are just averages, click-through rates (the percentage of people that click on your link when they see it) are related to how appealing your listing is on Google. Increase the appeal, you can increase the CTR. If you increase CTR, your rankings may also improve..

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To rank high in the organic search results, your page needs to be one of the best matches for the search term typed into the search box. Your page needs to match the “intent” of the searcher. That’s another reason why you need an SEO agency like us to provide great results for you!

Your page also needs a certain level of trust and authority to drive traffic. How much is defined by the competition in your niche and even the niche itself. For example, after the “Medic Update” in August 2018, it’s now very difficult to use content marketing to rank in health and finance niches without a lot of trust and authority. We can achieve this with a clever link building SEO strategy, with monthly reports.

It’s extremely import for your SEO specialists to be expert in Google’s core updates, Google analytics, Google Search Console and keyword research to deliver industry leading SEO results. And we are an internet marketing agency that understands this and deliver professional services.

Making SEO affordable is a skill that has to be developed over a long period of time and one that needs to be continually developed as the technologies of the internet change.

In the past, many webmasters created pages to please the search engines, giving their visitors little thought. Today, that is a fast track to low rankings. Whatever you do now and in the future, don’t just create content for the search engines in the hope of ranking better and building more traffic.

Pleasing algorithms over people is an old tactic that no longer works. Instead, you need to create the content that your audience wants to see, read and interact with. Keeping your visitors happy makes Google happy. When you please the search engine giant, your authority and traffic will build in a safe, natural, and more sustainable way.

No matter what niche you are in, and no matter what keywords you want to rank for, you ultimately have 10 other pages competing with you. They are the 10 web pages at the top of the Google SERPs. That’s where you want to rank. Therefore, you need to ignore all the other pages ranking on page two and beyond. Your (and our) focus is only on the top 10 slots of page one.

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Having deep knowledge about what makes websites good for the user and good for Google is what being great at online marketing is all about. For example, understanding that the title tag of your page is one of the most important areas in terms of SEO is vital.

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It is important to try to get your most important keyword(s) in there, but never to stuff keywords into the title. The title tag has two main objectives; one is to entice the searcher to click through from the search engines, and the other is to tell Google what your page is all about. A comprehensive SEO audit is part of our best practices and this will reveal that to your account manager.

If we find a page has a low CTR (click through rate from the search results page), then we will tweak the title to see if you can make it more enticing to searchers. We then need to monitor the CTR of the page in the coming days and weeks by performing an SEO audit. Just know that better titles (ones that match the searcher’s intent) will attract more clicks in the Google SERPs than ones that don’t, and so drive traffic to your site.

A page listed in the search results also contains a short description under its title. If your Meta Description includes the search term that was typed in at Google, then it is likely to be used as the listing description. If the search phrase is not present in the meta description, Google may choose a snippet of text from your web page that does include the search phrase.

It is also possible to optimize the Meta Description for better CTR, but this is not an exact science since Google may not be using that as the listing description.