What We Do


Simply put, we help your business increase leads or sales . At SEO Services NI we understand that your website is like a shop front to the world and we use a number of methods to increase your visibility on the internet. We utilize our professional SEO experts to show your shop front to more potential customers

“Having more people see your site is like having having more people walk past your physical shop front”
Having more people see your site is like having more people walk past your physical shop front and your social media and digital adverts are like sign posts for your customers. The more people that see your shop and what you have to offer the more sales or leads you generate. Our philosophy is to do this for our clients with the highest level of quality and return on investment.

“An increase in lead generation and sales that guarantee results”

At SEO Services NI we are committed to updating our approach to digital visibility as technologies and business environments evolve. Our goal is to ensure that your Website and Social Media presence is superior to your competitors. We put our time and expertise into providing measurable increases to lead generation and sales for our clients that guarantee results. In short, we are an essential service to your business in the digital 21st Century.

How we work with Google

Google gathers a lot of data from its users. This data is fed into machine-learning algorithms that are able to make use of it and improve the service that Google provides. There are many, many ways that Google uses machine learning, but in this section we will focus on how users behave on a Google search result page.As an example of how Google may do this, look at this set of results when someone searches search for “christiano ronaldo” for example.

Click Through Rate Optimization

With normal organic results, Google can see if users are not clicking on position 1 for some reason. This may indicate to them that the website they’re ranking in position 1 may not be the best result.

If over time, more people are clicking on the 3rd result which is the Instagram page page for the fooyballer, then it may indicate that the algorithm is not returning the results users expect. Google uses this data as input into the algorithm updates and their machine learning efforts.

There are a few things that SEOs can do to try and improve their CTR from search results. The obvious additional benefit here is that you will also get more traffic to your website if you take the time to optimize the correct elements, such as the description.

Our History

We made the decision to start a company that provides the best SEO services around because we noticed that many companies in Northern Ireland weren’t making the best use of their internet presence. Considering the size of the Northern Irish market it has become more important that we compete with other companies outside of Northern Ireland.

But if customers aren’t aware of the great products and services on offer in Northern Ireland then the whole economy and people of Northern Ireland are missing out. The stronger our economy then the higher standard of living for everyone we care about. It’s also important to understand the structure of our economy here in Northern Ireland.

The percentage of the workforce that is employed in the public sector in the United States and the UK as a whole is slightly less than 50%. In Northern Ireland that number is closer to 65%. This means that we have an over reliance on public sector jobs and the result is that tax revenues in Northern Ireland are lower as a result.

We also have a lower average income than the rest of the UK but we have great schools and a good health service. So how do we pay for all our social services if our tax revenues are lower? The answer is we don’t. We receive extra money from the UK government to cover the gap in what we pay versus what we spend. That’s why we need SEO Northern Ireland.

This obviously is not a situation that we want to be in. We all want to be able to stand on our own two feet and that means the private sector has to grow and that Northern Irish companies need to boost exports to the UK, the Republic of Ireland and farther afield.

The continuing uncertainty over Brexit only adds more uncertainty for our economy and means, more than ever, that companies here need to up their game and having excellent SEO services and great digital visibility is a key part of that. Businesses in Belfast and wider Northern Ireland need SEO Belfast services that are at least on par with competitors in other countries but they really require services that exceed their competitors in order to grow at a rate that is tangibly beneficial to our local economy and people.

We also think it’s really important to raise the standard of internet marketing within Northern Ireland so that the best companies with the best products and services get the market share they deserve. Providing return on investment is our focus and we do that by looking at each business we partner with as an individual entity with individual needs and requirements. Our track record proves we can boost turnover and sales by improving our client’s web presence. Some of our clients have boosted their turnover by as much as 300%.

We have also had a lot of success in assisting our clients with their social media presence, boosting their reach to customers that want to hear about what they are doing. We do this by focusing on the social aspect of social media marketing. As we like to say, ‘It’s called social for a reason.’ We do this by engaging the emotions of our client’s customers and providing them with content that they really want to read or watch. If a customer loves what you are posting on social media then they’ll like and share it with their friends and increased sales are the natural result.

We began our company by looking at the present state of the market in Northern Ireland. Using our web tools we analysed hundreds of websites across Northern Ireland to see what the average level of search engine optimisation was. We found that many businesses were paying their website providers for affordable SEO services that was sub-standard and didn’t provide real value for money. We instantly knew there was space in the market for a higher level of services that provides tangible results over time for clients willing to go the extra mile to grow their companies.

We view web presence in the same way that people understand shops and store in the real world. Your website is your shop front to the world and the greater your SEO optimisation then the greater the footfall to your shopfront and the more customers you have.

Your social media presence is like signposts to your shopfront directing people in an interesting and engaging way to your business. Pay-per-click is like advertisements for your shop. All of these things are extremely important to increasing your visibility to your customers. We at SEO Services NI are committed to providing the best search optimisation services for businesses in Belfast and Northern Ireland, to the benefit of our economy and the people that live here.