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Best SEO Tools – Ranked For All Tasks

We have tried all the top free and paid for SEO tools available on the market to come up with a guide to show the best tools for different purposes.

Some of our categories have the same tool as the best, this simply reflects the quality of some of the tools on the market to perform multiple tasks extremely well.

Click on the category to learn why we picked the winner or use the links to get the tool and the links to read more about how to perform some simple SEO tasks that are essential to any digital marketing campaign.

Best Tool CategoryToolLink To Use ToolSEO Guide To
SEO Analysis ToolSEMRushClick HereRead More
SEO Checker ToolSerpStatClick HereRead More
SEO Reporting ToolSEMRushClick HereRead More
SEO Audit ToolSEMRushClick HereRead More
SEO Competitor Analysis ToolSEMRushClick HereRead More
SEO Tools For ExcelSEO Tools For ExcelClick HereRead More
Best Free SEO ToolsUberSuggestClick HereRead More
Enterprise SEO ToolSEMRushClick HereRead More
Free SEO Analysis ToolUberSuggestClick HereRead More
SEO Rank Tracking ToolAccuRankerClick HereRead More
Best SEO Audit ToolSEMRushClick HereRead More
Free SEO Audit ToolWooRankClick HereRead More
SEO Backlink ToolLink MinerClick HereRead More
Keyword Suggestion ToolKW FinderClick HereRead More


SEO Analysis Tool

What makes a really great SEO analysis tool? This can be a pretty tricky question to answer when there are so many options out there, but ultimately the answer is simple. Which tool analyses a website quickly and delivers the results in a way that’s easy to implement the SEO fixes on a website quickly. Even with this simple criteria there are a few options that fit the bill well.

Sitebulb comes pretty close, but some of the issues flagged by their software as major issues aren’t very important and are particularly difficult to resolve on a website.  Nevertheless it’s an effective analysis tool. Screaming frog also is a great tool for website analysis, especially for 4XX, 5XX, thin content issues, redirects and site architecture/click depth.

Best SEO Tool SEMRush
SEO Analysis Tool

Obviously, Google Search Console will raise issues that Google thinks is important for a website. These issues should definitely be paid attention to, even if the issues raised don’t seem to be making much of a difference in the SERPs at the moment, Google will be changing the algorithm to include these factors soon enough.

But our recommendation is SEM Rush. Partly because of the range of features you get for the money. A lot of the categories in this list have been won by SEMRush and one of the main reasons for this is the range of features you get for the money and the fact that keep improving their offering.

While some of the issues flagged by SEM Rush aren’t particularly important to the success or security of your website, they do provide tiered issues that make sense and allow you to prioritize website issues to fix. You can even export a list of issues to Trello to track your fixes or send them to a team member to resolve.

Running a site audit on SEM Rush is easy and tracking your technical SEO fixes is easy using this tool. That’s why we are recommending it. Click the button below to access the 7 day free trial.

SEO Checker Tool

If you’re looking for a tool to quickly check a website to give you a general understanding of it’s present SEO state then there are a few tools you can use. We have a free tool available on this site you can use, click here for a free site audit.

There’s a tool developed by Neil Patel, called Ubersuggest, that also features in another section of this list but it is a decent tool to check a website and it’s free for seven days, but the options and offers on this tool change frequently so make sure to check the site for what they are currently offering.

SEO Tool

But for a general tool that offers a huge amount for an extremely reasonable price then SerpStat is the tool for you. Not only do they offer a great SEO checker tool but their package of tools offers a fantastic alternative to some of the more expensive SEO tool platforms out there. Our personal favourite is SEMRush and the other big competitor in the market place is Ahrefs.

Others like Moz and Majestic have not updated their offerings in the same way that SEMRush has in recent years and that’s one of the main reasons we recommend them. But if you need something that can do most of what Ahrefs and SEMrush can do but at a fraction of the price then SerpStat is the solution for you.

Although their pricing structure changes from time to time, they remain between 25% and 50% cheaper than Ahrefs and SemRush for their basic package. They also have a private Facebook group for users to help one another which is obviously a great feature. Click the button below to take advantage of what they are offering.

SEO Reporting Tool

Producing quality reports that display the right information is an integral part of working with SEO clients. It’s extremely important to be able to show clients how things are improving, in therms of SEO technical fixes, keyword research and rank tracking.

It’s easy to set up automatic pdf report exports on Google Analytics to show how the numbers on a website are changing/improving which is great but for all the rest you need to pay for a service that will produce the reports you need, when you need them.

SEO Reporting Tool

All the top SEO tool providers allow you to produce pdf’s that you can send to a client but the best for customization, white labelling and automation has to go to SEMRush. It’s no secret we are mad about SEMRush here at SEO Services NI and there are plenty of great reason’s for that. Being able to customize a pdf report and have it automatically send to a client once a month takes time and effort out of the day that we can use to actually perform SEO tasks on client websites.

We would urge anyone considering a serious SEO tool platform to take advantage of SemRush’s 7 day free trial, click the button below to grab it!

SEO Audit Tool

When performing a site audit it is extremely important to cover the basics first and foremost, then it’s very important to understand the technical issues facing a site and how to fix them as quickly and easily as possible and equally it is extremely important to address any security issues that might represent a risk to a site, especially if it is an e-commerce site.

There really is an abundance of tools out there to perform audit tasks effectively but there remain the ‘go to’ options for professional SEOs and marketers, screaming frog remains a staple of the SEO industry but there’s only so much that tool can achieve. One thing it’s bad at is reporting and if you’re working on a client site you really need reporting tools to show your clients just how great you are at fixing issues on their sites.

Our pick for this is, unsurprisingly, SEMRush. They call themselves the greatest marketing tool on the planet and this boast is not in vain. If you follow the instructions given when you set up a recurring site audit using SEMRush any site will be basically fine for technical issues. If you follow the instructions to the letter you’ll have one of the healthiest websites on the internet. That’s why we’re picking SEMRush, yet again, for one of the categories on our list of the best.

They have a 7 day free trial with limited access to the tools after the trial period. But we think any serious marketer will be more than convinced after a few days learning how to use their tool set. Click the button below to take advantage of the free trial!

SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

SEMRush have cleverly combined the competitor analysis tools into other tools in their tool set. Their organic research tool gives Competitor analysis information in a quick and easy format and the changes in your competitors websites can be tracked alongside the changing positions of your own keywords.

This integrated approach is why we recommend SEMRush as the best competitor analysis tool on the market.

SEO Tools For Excel

Whenever you are performing SEO on a website that has more than a few thousands pages then you really need to be making the most of Excel or Google Sheets. To put it bluntly there’s just things you can’t achieve on a large website without utilising the full potential of a spreadsheet.

And funnily enough the best add on you can get for performing powerful SEO tasks using Excel is just called, ‘SEO Tools For Excel’. It’s a fantasic plugin for excel that allows you to rank order information in ways that will really benefit a website.  You’ll need to use this tool in conjunction with another powerful tool for extracting information from a website, so using one of the top crawling tools like Screaming Frog is essential.

international SEO company

It also connects with a lot of tools you are using anyway like Analytics, Search Console, Ahrefs, Alexa, SemRush and Majestic. For performing lighter tasks online you might want to consider Search Analytics For Sheets which allows Google sheets to connect to Google Search Console. Click here for that Sheets plugin, otherwise click the button below for SEO Tools For Excel.

Best Free SEO Tools

While it’s no secret that we love SEMRush as our platform of choice for SEO tools the biggest rival in the marketplace for SEMRush is Ahrefs and there are two areas that we believe Ahrefs is better than SEMRush. One is backlink analysis (because Ahrefs have the largest index of backlinks of any company outside of Google) and the other is free tools. Ahrefs offer a range of free tools that are great and we just hope that these tools remain free for the foreseeable future.

Free SEO Tools

Basically the more data you have about your own website or a competitors website then the better placed you are to improve the fortunes of your site. Being able to gather data from multiple sources is important and Ahrefs offer some great tools for getting another perspective.  Our favourite tool of theirs is their backlink checker tool and you should definitely check it out. The result are not the full results you will get with their paid tools but you still get a lot of helpful information.

They also have a great website authority checker, a great broken link checker and a great free keyword generator.

Enterprise SEO Tool

When thinking about an enterprise SEO tool the most important factors to consider are how many sites can I track, how many keywords can I track and what additional features are supplied that will make maging many sites for multiple clients easier. The only real contenders for this task are Serpstat, Ahrefs and SEMRush. They are all capable of serving mutiple clients with everything a marketing company needs but SEMRush has a number of features that are high enough in quality to cover all the bases and add a little extra to make your job that little bit easier.

We have already recommended SEMRush as the best tool for reporting (obviously an essential part of any enterprise level tool) but the extra features that cover what other tools provide and more are what sets this tool apart.  A lot of professional SEOs have been talking recently about the strengths of SEO Surfer as fantastic tool for on page SEO,  and rightly so. But the on page SEO checker is also a formidable tool for performing the same tasks and it comes along with all of SEMRush’s packages.

SEO Reporting Tool SEMRush

Additionally, even the cheapest package allows you to track five projects, with site audit, position tracking, brand monitoring, social media tracker and more for each site. The keyword magic tool allows the user to utilise an extensive keyword research tool that it unparalleled. The backlink tracker tool is not as comprehensive as the corresponding tool that Ahrefs offers but is adequate for general use and combined with the content creation tool it does offer a fantastic help when understanding exactly what it’s going to take to get a page ranking for your target keywords.

Add in the competitor analysis tools and paid advertising tools and you really have a comprehensive enterprise level SEO tool that can’t be matched in the industry. Click the button below to get the 7 day free trial today!

Free SEO Analysis Tool

Usually when someone is looking for a free SEO analysis tool it’s because they are new to SEO and need to get a feel for how SEO tools work generally, what the common terms mean etc. So when we were deciding which tool to recommend we gave ourselves some criteria to reflect this perspective.

We also took into consideration tools which offer a trial period or limited features. Eventually we decided that for a beginner using Neil Patel’s tool UberSuggest would give the best understanding of how all the parts of SEO fit together and how to understand how to assess a website against another to figure out how to get a page to rank to a specific term.

Why You Should Never Second Guess Neil Patel!
Neil Patel

The caveats we would add is that the tool’s keyword volume and difficulty metrics can be a little inaccurate at times and the functionality is limited before having to pay. Click the button below to try it out.

SEO Rank Tracking Tool

A lot of SEOs want a specific tool for rank tracking for monetary reasons. It is possible to combine a few of the cheaper tools out there to achieve the results you need if you are experienced and are generally working on your own websites rather than client sites.  So which tool do we recommend for tracking your rankings? AccuRanker.

They have really fantastic analytics to help understand what’s happening with your websites and for ranking obsessed marketers the software will constantly update. Normally rank trackers update the rank positions once a day, but if you’re really obsessed to see how things are changing then AccuRank is the tool of choice.

Social Media SEO

The software integrates with Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Sheets and Data Studio to make stream lining your tasks that much easier. There’s also a 14 day free trial so you can click the button below if you want o give it a try.

Best SEO Audit Tool

We trialed all the top industry standards and SEMRush simply blows the competition out of the water. You be mad not to take advantage of their 7 day free trial!

Free SEO Audit Tool

If you really want a quick SEO audit then you can’t go far past WooRank. Very quickly you will get an SEO audit that is fairly comprehensive without having to pay for the pro version. All the basic information you want, such as title tag, description info, alt tag info is included and you even get information pulled through from social media accounts and whatever schema information is available from the website you are auditing.

You also get a simple content/keyword analysis, robots and sitemap check. Mobile friendliness and security performance is also appraised. All in all it’s a great audit that you get completely for free. Click the button below to avail of this great free service.

SEO Backlink Tool

There are many SEOs out there who’ve been in the game a long time who will tell you Majestic is the best company for understanding backlinks on competitor websites and finding out your target websites for getting backlinks but the simple fact is that Majestic haven’t been the best company for backlink info for quite some time.

Ahrefs really are the best company around for backlink data. They have the largest database of links outside of Google and you’ll notice links that you have built for your website showing up on Ahrefs first. There’s just no getting around that Ahrefs is simply the best for backlinks. There’s a massive but coming and the but is that you may well be needing a tool just for backlinks and not for everything else that Ahrefs offers and charges you for.

If you need the next best thing to Ahrefs for a cheaper price then Link Miner is the tool for you. It’s really a great tools for finding the backlinks that will shift the needle for your sites. They have a 48 hour money back guarantee so click the button below and check them out!

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Anyone who has been in the digital marketing industry for a decent length of time understands the importance of getting people onto a website. If you’re working with a new website or you want to provide a quick boost to user numbers and metrics then finding long tail keywords with low ranking difficulty is essential and KW Finder is a great tool to achieve this.

With this powerful keyword tool you can get great information on local keywords, long tail keywords, Google suggest Keywords and they might have the most accurate data for keyword difficulty of any keyword tool available on the market, and that’s why we’re recommending KW Finder as the best keyword suggestion tool out there at the moment.

SEO Company Tools

They are one of the more reasonably priced tools out there and they also have a 48 hour money back guarantee. Click the button below to give them a try!

Summary – The Best SEO Ranking Tool

It’s probably quite obvious that we think SEM Rush is the best seo ranking tool out there. Most professional SEOs would agree with us. The range and quality of tools within the tool set is simply better than anything anyone else has produced to date. It’s basically an essential if you want to achieve your potential in digital marketing. Give it a whirl if you have the option, you’ll never look back!