5 Effective Rules For Social Media Marketing UK

Social Media Marketing UK

1. Thank Your Followers and Fans

With all the social media management tools today at our disposal, our interactions are becoming mechanical and extremely formal. We are forgetting that social media for businesses is a tool to make a business entity more humane.

By ‘thanking your followers and fans’ I don’t mean an auto-generated twitter response when someone follows or a simple ‘thank you’ when someone shares your content or retweets it. Make your ‘Thanks’ heartfelt and meaningful.

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An auto-generated ‘thank you’ note when someone follows you is fine, but when someone takes time to share your content with their friends or chooses to retweet your tweets they do deserve more.

What I would suggest is, to go through their content (tweets, facebook posts and their websites – if enlisted) and find something which you consider worthy enough to compliment them on or to share with your own audience. If you like something they have posted, send them a message telling that you liked it and subsequently thank them, or share the content with your audience and then send them a message thanking them.

When you do that you have a very high chance of getting a fan for life, one who will always look forward to your upcoming content and would be happy to share it with his/her tribe.

2. Ask your followers and fans, ‘how can You help Them?’ 

Any kind of business is about understanding a pain point of a particular niche in the society and then providing your services or products which help people with that problem.

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Through your social media networks – whichever they may be (Facebook, Twitter, G+ or any other) you share content relevant to your niche and depending on the quality of your content you garner a following in that particular niche and if you make it a habit to ask your fans and followers or even your mailing list, this one simple question you will have a considerable boost in your follower engagement.

The miracle question to ask is, ‘How can You help Them?’ Sometimes it is as simple as that!

3. Be active on weekends (but not in a spammy way) 

When you think of it, not a lot of businesses are active on social media during weekends, as expected, since the ‘clients/customers’ are supposed to be inactive and non-interactive during the weekend.

People will not interact with you when you share promotional content with them on weekends (as the weekends are their getaways from all the noise on the interweb), but they are found to be active on social media between 5 PM and 9 PM on weekends. Or you can check when your ‘tribe’ is most active during the weekends using ‘Tweriod’ (Unusual Strategy #24).

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Use this information to post helpful content. Don’t bombard them with self-promotion instead post something useful, something fun to do on a weekend. On weekends I like to get together with my friends over drinks or a movie or dinner… and that is what a lot of people do. Families on the other hand tend to get together for a home cooked dinner or go out for one.

A lot of bars, restaurants have discount offers especially for weekends, search a few in your locality and inform your followers about these discounts. It might not be anything related to your product or service but you are still providing Value to your followers.

4. #MondayMorning Routine 

No one…including you, likes to be marketed to on a Monday morning but we all could use a little inspiration and motivation.

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A simple Google search will give you enough inspirational quotes and memes about Monday morning to share with your followers… and you will be surprised to see how many of these get retweeted and shared.

When you do this, don’t forget to use relevant Hashtags like; #mondaymorning #mondaymotivation #monday #coffee #dayofpositivity #goodmorning

5. Personalize your links 

It is not as much a strategy as it is a ‘Must Do’ for branding your business. Consider it as a cosmetic essential for your brand.

The links of your Facebook page, Google+ profile can be personalized albeit it requires some basic parameters to be fulfilled like; For having a personalized link for your Google+ business page it must be linked to a website.

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(By linking I mean, Google provides you a small snippet of code which you need to paste in your website’s homepage code) For having a personalized link for your Facebook business page, you must have at least 25 fans.

It is a must since it helps people remember your brand, it helps you to print these links on your business cards and the links don’t look ‘ugly’ when you include them in your personal/business email signature.

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