Why We Need More Female Students Learning SEO

Female students learning SEO

Many people are not fully aware about what SEO is and how people who do it make money.  As someone who went to college, got an undergraduate degree, went back to college to get an MSc and then found it very difficult to get a decently paid job, I understand how important it can be to have options. 

Modern university life is not what it used to be. Yes it’s a great experience that opens the mind and provides many wonderful experiences to have and people to meet along the way, but the huge cost of third level education and the reality of paying off student debt is very different than the relaxed atmosphere of campus.

We all take jobs that have nothing to do with our field of study in order to pay bills and get some pocket cash, but finding a job to start and actual career can be very difficult. I personally ran through a number of unfulfilling jobs; bartender, cleaner and I spent some time as a line worker in a chicken factory. 

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Then I discovered what SEO was. Search engine optimization is the process of helping websites rank higher on Google and other search engines like Yahoo! and Bing. And on average, you can earn $150 – $250 per hour delivering SEO services as a freelancer. Working at an agency, once a person becomes relatively skilled, it’s not unusual to earn $200,000 a year. 

That kind of money relieves the pressure of student loan debt a great deal! And how did I get started in SEO? I taught myself, and you can too. There are a multitude of free resources on the internet that will teach you all the basics and even some of the advanced features of search engine optimisation. More than enough to get you started.

Now I’ve worked in SEO for ten years, why do I think we need more women in the field? Well as Google has continually tightened up it’s algorithm the old bad practices of black hat SEO do not work anymore and there has been an increasing emphasis on quality content.

Designing and implementing really good content that serves the needs of the reader/customer is a big part of SEO. And some websites are predominantly used by women and need content created from a woman’s point of view. And let’s face men just aren’t great at that. But the percentage of women in SEO is still less than 50%.

So we need strong women to break ground in the SEO field and start making good money helping companies rank higher on Google. The field is open to anyone who wants to put in a lot of hard work to get started and you can do it in your free time. And if you are interested you can always contact an agency that provides professional SEO services and see what you need to do to get a job with them. Good luck.

If you are interested in developing yourself and taking personal responsibility to make your life better then this website is a fantastic source of guides and help to achieve your goals.