Your Website Is Your Digital Premises

Managed SEO Services
To understand the changing world of the internet and how it effects your business, we at SEO Services NI have found it useful to describe the digital world in ways our clients are familiar with. For many business owners their website seems like an unimportant part of their business that requires little attention. But if you owned a shop wouldn’t you tell your customers about the latest products and offers you were offering? Of course you would. Some web shops we have looked at have very limited information about the products on offer. We even came across one company who sold over one thousand different products through their physical premises but had only six products on their website for sale.SEO executives Their website had been like that for over two years and that company had missed out on a huge number of sales that were going to their online competitors.

Managed SEO Services

So a website must but thought of as a company’s digital premises. It must be looked after. It must be inviting to your customer’s eye. It has to invite your customers to buy in the easiest way possible, with an impact, energy and simplicity that makes someone want to give you their hard earned money. SEO analysis Every physical premises has to pay their rent (or mortgage), in the same way a website has to pay for hosting. Hosting is the term that describes the actual physical place where the website lives on a computer somewhere that allows people to use it any time of the day or night. A physical premises also has to be built in the first place and it must be built to suit the needs of the business. This is the same when it comes to building a website, it must be built with the user in mind and how best to solve the problems your customers have.  A bad build can hurt business. Every person that visits your website is a potential customer. To convert that potential customer into a paying customer a business has to have its website designed to meet their needs. This is were managed SEO services like the ones we provide, become so important.

Understanding Your Website

If your design isn’t up to scratch a lot can be done to improve the user’s experience with the right images and text that really let them know quickly and effectively what you are offering and how it can help them. It’s like having signs in your business that let them know the prices and benefits of what you offer: free delivery, discounts on bulk buys etc. Footfall is an essential aspect to a physical shop’s success. The number of people that can physically see your shop has a direct effect on the number of sales. If your website is your digital shop front then the number of people that click through to your site is your footfall. If your site is in the bottom half of a Google search, or even worse on the second or third page of Google’s results then your footfall and sales are suffering in a big way. SEO is like footfall, staff and advertising combined and is essential to modern business success. SEO increases your visibility to the general public so more people click on your site, increasing your digital footfall. With SEO Services NI we look at how your website is performing not only from an SEO point of view but SEO Marketingalso from a user’s point of view. What message is your website giving? Is it encouraging people to buy? Are there any major barriers to a customer finding what they want on your site? We help our clients adjust their websites and their SEO for Belfast to maximum effect.

Professional SEO Services

How much are the biggest companies spending on SEO? Well a great article I read from shows that the biggest companies in the UK are spending up to £10,000 a month on quality SEO. The article also gives some great information on how spending little on SEO provides little in return.  We at SEO Services NI provide quality products for a sensible price for our clients that deliver results.  Contact us at info@seoservicesni for more information on how we can help your business! Using a professional tool like SEMRush can really be very helpful if you want to do your own, in house SEO. Contact us for advice on how to achieve this.