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Mobile Optimize Package

Is your website optimised for Mobile and Tablets? If not, it should be…

Google has reported that over half of searches, globally, now take place on mobile devices and it can be as high as 60% in more developed countries. With the changing face of internet use it’s now more important than ever that your business has a website that performs properly on tablets and smartphones.

We at SEO services NI can take your existing website and make it responsive for ALL mobile devices at minimal disruption to your current site. Imagine users being able to tap your business number to call you or tap your email to drop you an enquiry on the go or even browse your online shop and tap to purchase from your stock! All websites should be mobile ready on ALL platforms.

If your website isn’t you could be missing out on over half of Google traffic. Optimising your site for mobile will make it easier for customers and clients to access your business, thus generating more hits, more leads and more sales. Contact us today and we will be more than happy to optimise your site for all platforms!

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