SEO Reporting Tool SEMRush

Monthly SEO Report

Every client receives a comprehensive monthly SEO report and a personal meeting to discuss the report and SEO strategy going forward to maximise return on investment for our clients.  Each report contains a wealth of SEO information to improve your business intelligence for your online presence.


Site Visitors

Each SEO report contains a breakdown of visitors to your site, including:

  • Total number of visitors to your site.
  • Number of new visitors.
  • Number of pages visited by each visitor.
  • Amount of time each visitor spends on your site
  • The city/country your visitors are located in.

Search Terms

Each SEO report comes with a breakdown of the search terms (what people type into google to find your business) that your site has been optimised for over the previous month. Each term shows the number of people directed to your website by search engines for that specific term.  This allows you to identify which search terms are getting you the most customers and how those terms are trending (increasing or decreasing over time).  Finding the right search terms (a.k.a. keywords) to use is essential to maximising your online potenial.  SEO Services NI helps all our clients find the best keywords for their specific business.


The reports SEO Services NI provide contain details about the websites/mobile applications that refer people to your site. This is important to understand what tactics are working with social media and other SEO activities that happen on other websites. It’s important for any business to know if most visitors are coming through one particular social media service, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. Or if resources need to be spread equally across your social media profiles.