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Why use Organic SEO Services rather than Paid Advertising?

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At SEO Services NI we are focused on being Organic SEO specialists. The definition of Organic SEO is that it is a term used to describe how people find your company using search engines like Google, naturally without adverting. Google uses an algorithm that analyses over 200 different aspects of your website and the other websites that yours is connected to in order to determine how important your website is and where it should come on it’s list.

Organic search engine optimization tweaks aspects of your website and it’s connections to other websites in order to improve your website’s ranking on Google’s list. We use organic seo best practices to ensure the best results for our clients.

Each search term (what a potential customer types into Google) has different merits, such as the popularity of the term in one location, whether the search term is becoming more or less popular, for example. Different businesses will target different search terms (also known as keywords) that apply more to their particular business. See our homepage for the best digital marketing Northern Ireland.

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From a business perspective it is almost always correct to say that organic search engine optimization is more beneficial than pay-per-click advertising. The main reason for this is that most people will skip past the adverts at the top of a Google search and look at the first five to ten organic results to find what they want.

Another reason is that pay-per-click advertising costs the client company every time a person engages their advert. Organic SEO on the other hand takes a longer time build up but accumulates more visitors as it builds, if you engage a high quality professional SEO company. This method is the chosen method by many website administrators as it gives a larger return in the middle to long term with the same level of investment.

How We Work For You

Keyword Research

First we create an SEO analysis report pdf and find the best keywords to use to boost your organic SEO.

Keyword Optimization

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Then we configure your website to rank to those keywords in google and other search engines. This includes writing content articles for your website that are optimized for the keywords we have selected, making your website more attractive to search engines. This results in a higher ranking of your website for those keywords when people are searching for them, which leads to more customers and more sales. 


Then we establish links to your site from other websites, this shows search engines like google that your website is more important put your adwords campaign live here we micro-monitor your results and if necessary and within your budget we can tweak the keywords as we move through the duration of your campaign thus resulting in more sales or leads for your website.

Some Bad SEO Factors To Consider

Google has gone out of its way to stop website owners over-optimizing their sites. This is because SEO is spoiling the otherwise great search results by showing pages that don’t deserve to be at the top.

Bad SEO Practices

 While a lot of over-optimization relates to the backlinks of a website, it also applies to what is on the website itself.

Look at the pages on your site to see whether a single phrase is used more than you might expect, thus making it obvious the phrase(s) was an intended target. If you find any of these, also check to see whether:

  • Links to that page are using that phrase as anchor text?
  • Is that phrase also in key areas of your web page, like title, meta description, H1 header, opening paragraph, ALT tag, image title tags, bolded, italic, etc?

SEO Should Be “Invisible”

This doesn’t mean that there is none, just that what is there should be discrete and not openly obvious or in-your-face.

Optimize for Users

There are WordPress plugins available, designed to help you check your on-page SEO. These are keyword-driven checks and I think they are a bad idea. Content should NOT be keyword driven anymore, it should be theme-driven with the focus being to please your visitors.

If you have been using an SEO plugin that checks for placement of keywords in an article, I’d recommend using it to de-optimize your articles (removing phrases from places they really don’t need to be), and once you’re done, delete the plugin.

Is Your Content Driven By Keywords or By What Visitors Want?

This is always a good check to make. Ask yourself whether the content you write on your site is driven by a specific keyword phrase, or by what your visitors actually want to see.

There will be keywords you want to rank for. That is natural. What I am saying is that instead of thinking you have to write an article about the phrase “sandals vs. shoes”, just because it commands a high cost per click. Consider writing an article on the “advantages and disadvantages of wearing sandals instead of shoes”.

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 OK, it could be the same article, right? However, thinking about your content in terms of the visitor, instead of your keyword research, should ensure your content has a fighting chance of pleasing Google. Of course, you could include the phrase “sandals vs. shoes” in your article if you wanted too, and as long as it made sense to do.

We’re just suggesting a different approach to choosing the topics you write about, that’s all. Many of us got into bad habits in the past – we had to – but the only way forward now is to replace old habits with new. Think what article the visitor wants to see first, then go and see which keywords and theme words are relevant to the article before you write it.

Does your web page offer a good match for the search terms that found it?

Let’s say you rank #1 in Google for the term “natural remedies”, but your web page only discusses pharmaceutical drugs. Is the visitor going to be happy with your page? No. Their intent is for information on natural solutions, and you only offer drugs.

Google has ways of measuring how happy visitors are with your pages like bounce rate, time on site, social signals, visitor interaction and so on.

Invisible SEO
Invisible SEO

Therefore, it’s important you don’t try to rank for phrases that are a poor match for your content.Does your page provide something not already in the top 10?

Does your content provide something that is not already available in the top 10 of Google? If not, think about why it should replace one of those pages in the top 10 slots? What type of things can you add to your web page to make it stand out from the rest? What can you include that the other top 10 pages don’t offer?

Consider things like:

  • Personal stories.
  • Your own opinions.
  • Your own unique thoughts, ideas, etc.
  • Images or photographs that work with the topic of the page.
  • Visitor interaction – maybe a poll asking for visitors’ own opinions. A poll coupled with an active comments section creates a great resource, especially if the topic of your page was a little controversial.

These are all important things to consider when assessing how effective your organic SEO strategy is going to be. Contact us today for a quote!

These are all important things to consider when assessing how effective your organic SEO strategy is going to be. Contact us today for a quote!