Why Mobile Optimisation Matters

Mobile Optimisation Matters
Did you know Google has now begun implementing ‘mobile-first indexing’? But what does that actually mean and how will it effect your online business? Well, indexing is when Google finds a page on your website and decides to give it an index reference. That is essentially how Google keeps a record of pages so that it can rank a page for a search result. Google currently uses over two hundred different factors about your website to decide where it ranks on a search results page. The number of people visiting your site, the amount of time they spend on your site when they get and the number of different pages they look at when they get there are all important factors for ranking a website.

Mobile First

In the past number of years searches have been changing, how people are using the internet has been changing and how people access the internet has been changing.  Now more searches on Google are performed on mobile devices than on desktop or laptop computers. How websites are displayed on these devices is different, as you have probably noticed. Traditionally when websites were built they were coded to look a certain way on a large screen first and then additional code was added to describe how the website should look on the smaller screens of mobile devices. Nowadays many websites are being designed and built for how they will look on small screens first and they code is added to make them look a certain way on the bigger screens. Google can tell whether your site is designed one way or the other. And has started to give an extra boost to sites that are designed mobile first rather than the traditional design.

Mobile Optimised

Unfortunately many business websites are still designed for destop/laptop use and not coded at all for mobile devices. You can tell by the poor layout and tiny text on a mobile screen. These websites suffer in rankings, especially because any user who visits the site on a mobile device will immediately leave the site as it’s impossible to use on a mobile device.

” If your website isn’t optimised for mobile then you are losing out on business.”

30% of online purchases are now done from mobile devices.  If your website isn’t optimised for mobile then you are losing out on business, it’s as simple as that.

This move from Google is yet another indication of how the online consumer market is changing. If your business isn’t evolving with your customers then your competitors are.
Soooo…..what can you do about this? Simple, Contact SEO Services NI and we can optimise your website for mobile! And help you rank for more search terms that will have more people on your site, buying your stuff. We have the expertise to make your existing website smartphone and tablet friendly at a cost that won’t break the bank. We also have SEO packages that will suit your business, no matter the size.